how to I clean the button on my car seat harness adjuster?

how to I clean the button on my car seat harness adjuster?

I bet you thought you'd never let your child have food or drink in their car seat, right? That's pretty easy to give in to, but unfortunately it does mean foreign objects can get stuck in and around the button on your car seat making it seem sticky or stuck.

Now it's up to you to clean it :)

1. Remove the button cover by undoing the two lower screws

button screws

2. Remove the button as follows:

  • all buttons have a clip retainer
  • press the clip inwards with a screwdriver (or similar)
  • you can then push out the button from the cover (don't lose the spring!)

sticky button removal

3. Clean the button cavity from all foreign matter (food, sand, etc). Try and smooth any scores or rough mark, with an emery board or similar.

cleaning sticky button

4. Clean the side of the button and remove any scores on the plastic

cleaning sticky button

5. Apply a dry lubricant (this can be a household item such as candle wax) to the sliding surfaces to help lubricate the movement and reinstall. Ensure the clip engages correctly and check the button cannot come out.


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