my Mountain Buggy hand brake isn't working as expected

my Mountain Buggy hand brake isn't working as expected

Our hand brake is operated by cable, between the handlebar lever and the brake pin at each wheel. This can overtime require some small adjustments, a little like a bicycle brake cable.

This applies to the following products -

  • swift (2015+)
  • urban jungle (2015+)
  • plus one
  • cosmopolitan (2021+)
  • cosmopolitan plus (2021+)

If you can identify visible damage to the cable, or in a worst case scenario it is snapped or broken then replacement brakes can be ordered for urban jungle, and for swift.

If you are experience any kind of sound, commonly described as clicking, coming from the rear wheels then follow the simple instructions below.

Perform few simple checks before making any adjustments -

Make sure brake cogs are free of any foreign objects such as small stones or mud

Make sure brake sheaths are seated in the brake cable housing correctly and adjust the splitter to alter the length of the cable


If your rear wheel still makes a clicking noise, or you feel the brake pin is 'rubbing' (it may look like the image below, with the silver pin touching the brake hub) please follow the steps below.

Step One

Check if rear wheel (axle) is installed correctly. When installing your wheel, you do not need to activate the grey release button. Simply insert the wheel and once you hear the click, you'll know it is locked in place.

If you do activate the grey release button while inserting the wheel, you will end up inserting the wheel too far, which can cause the brake pin to touch the brake cog.

    Step Two

    If you have followed Step One and still experience any sound coming from the brake pin, then adjust the brake cable.




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