My nano or nano duo brake is not working as expected

My nano or nano duo brake is not working as expected

Brakes move and are used  all the time so they can wear or become damaged. We've designed our nano and nano duo so you can make easy repairs at home, quite often as simple fix is all that's needed to get you back on the road.

You may experience any of the following, which can be caused by general wear and tear, external objects or external forces such as while travelling.

  1. You hear a 'clicking' noise. This can be cause by simply not pushing the foot brake pedal down far enough, to actually engage or disengage the brake pin from the brake cogs
  2. The brake isn't fully engaging. You may have small stones or grit lodged in the brake cog, which is stopping the brake pin from engaging. Visually check for and remove any foreign objects from around and in the brake assembly
  3. The brake is slow to engage. Our brake is cable operated, which cuts down on weight. Over time it could slacken off slightly, you can tighten it easily though by giving the nut on the underside of the brake a small turn.

You can visually check if your brake pedal is fully engaging by removing your wheels, and checking for a gap between the frame and the brake pedal as signalled by the green arrows in the image below left.

nano brake pedal replacement kit

If you have a broken foot pedal, we have replacement brake kits that can be swapped in home.

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