One of my duet front wheels isn't touching the ground

One of my duet front wheels isn't touching the ground

If you are experiencing one of your front wheels not touching the ground, we have a few troubleshooting tips to help you solve the issue in home.

First, you should check all tyres are inflated to the same pressure - to learn more about correct tyre inflation read here.

Please also confirm you are on a flat surface.

Tips to troubleshoot...

Move your buggy so both front wheels are pointing backwards, as though you're walking forwards.

Is either of the front wheels off the ground in this position? 

Follow the below steps - 

  1. Put both front wheels in the backward position (on a flat surface)
  2. Identify the which front wheels is off the ground (left or right)
  3. Put a piece paper this tyre (it will move easily under this tyre)
  4. Now adjust the tyre pressures slightly until that piece of paper doesn't move.

Right front wheel off ground?
Reduce pressure in right rear or add pressure to left rear.

Left front wheel off the ground?
Reduce pressure on the left rear or add pressure to the right rear

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