To what PSI or pressure should I inflate my buggy tyres to?

To what PSI or pressure should I inflate my buggy tyres to?

Air tyres provide the ultimate in all terrain performance and having them set to the right pressure will give you the best experience possible.

We recommend using a hand pump and setting your tyre pressures to 20psi, max 22psi. This will clearly be visible on the RIM of your wheel and in your instruction manual.

You can play around with the pressures a little bit - want a softer ride with a but more cushioning then let a little air out. This is a good option for rougher terrain.

If you're being more active and want to move with a bit of speed over smoother terrains like foot paths or even running tracks then increase your pressure slightly which will help the tyres roll faster.

While it may be tempting to speed things up and use an industrial tyre pump like you would find at the local service station, they are simply not made to be used on small tyres as found on our buggies. Using these high-pressure pumps will likely damage your tyre and the rim.

Always check your manual for care and maintenance tips. If you want extra piece of mind and convenience, then a maintenance kit can be easily stored in your parcel tray.

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