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What are the dimensions of the universal travel bag?

Check it out in action here

As the bag is universal in fit, the max size of the stroller and/or accessories that will fit in does vary depending on the width and length of the items. As such its best to list as an example the bag size packed full, as well as the folded size of some of the larger buggy/stroller models we know fit well into it.

Packed full with a stroller and highchair, the bag measured 110 (l) x 58 (w) x 38cm (d) (43.3' x 22.8' x 15') closed up and ready to roll.

The Mountain Buggy Duet fits in the bag and measures (folded with wheels off):

96 x 63 x 32cm (37.8' x 24.8' x 12.6')

The phil&teds promenade fits in the bag and measures:

106 (l) x 64 (w) x 33.5cm (d) (41.7' x 25.2' x 13.2')

Remember all products fit differently and its always advised to remove the wheels for compactness/protection. As a tip, its ideal to try your stroller/intended cargo before your trip to insure a smooth pack and happy travels!

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