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pre 2015 and pre 2010 Mountain Buggy carrycot compatibility

Swift carrycot

Will fit any age swift buggy (carrycots for the swift were introduced with the 2010 range)

Pre 2010 Urban carrycot with snaplocks on the side

(From August 03 to current) will fit all pre 2010 Urban or Terrain buggies, including the red framed Tarawera. It will not fit the original Mountain Buggy with green frame. It will not fit the breeze.

Pre 2010 carrycots have a logo as below:


Pre Aug 2003 carrycot that attaches with a support wire:

These were available for both the Urban and the old Terrain buggy. The support wires were different for these two buggies and they are not interchangeable.

A Terrain carrycot with support wires will fit any pre 2010 terrain buggy.

An Urban carrycot with a support wire will only fit a 2003 or earlier Urban (The easiest way to tell is the Urban must have the gear tray that slides onto two bars, not the one that attaches with domes/press studs.

Urban Jungle carrycot (2010-2014)

Will fit the 2010-2014 Urban Jungle/Terrain/+one buggies and will also fit most pre-2010 Urban and Urban Elite buggies. We’ve had success fitting the current Urban Jungle carrycot with a 2002 Urban but would recommend testing.

Most 2010-2014 carrycots will also fit the current Urban Jungle (2015+) buggies - you may however need to adjust the position of the snaplocks to the 'terrain' mode. 

Logo as below:

Urban Jungle carrycot plus (post 2015)

Will fit any 2010+ Urban Jungle. May fit pre 2010 buggies however this has not been tested by us so using is at your discretion. 



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