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+one accessories compatibility chart

Accessory type

most products listed below are still available in our webshop 
accessories or spare parts categories. 

NEW +one

identifiers :
interior frame lock, one hand fast fold, hand brake

pre 2015 +one

identifiers :
foot park brake, 'clip' frame lock 



NEW +one sun cover

Tick Image
Cross Image


NEW +one storm cover

Tick Image*
Cross Image


+one sun cover (pre- 2015)

Cross Image Tick Image


+one storm cover (pre-2015)

Cross Image Tick Image
  NEW carrycot plus urban jungle, terrain and +one Tick Image Tick Image
  urban jungle, terrain and +one carrycot (pre-2015)

Cross Image

Tick Image

NEW food tray Tick Image Tick Imageonly with the new urban jungle, terrain, +one grab bar
NEW Mountain Buggy blanket Tick Image Tick Image
NEW Mountain buggy duffel bag Tick Image Tick Image
  NEW Mountain buggy satchel Tick Image Tick Image
NEW Mountain buggy coloured reversible liner Tick Image   Tick Image**
  NEW 12" aerotech tyres  Tick Image Cross Image
freerider Tick Image (with connector 1) Tick Image (with connector 1)
  NEW urban jungle, terrain, +one grab bar Tick Image Tick Image
buggy cup holder buggy cup holder Tick Image

Tick Image
UTB Universal travel bag Tick Image Tick Image
Tick Image Compatible
Cross Image Not compatible
* also works with carrycot plus in parent facing mode
** compatible however the waist strap straps are shortened a bit
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